Stefano as guest editor in Minerals

Stefano SALVI

I am a CNRS research scientist. Most of my research concerns hydrothermal mineral deposits. I study the processes that occur when hot fluids interact with rocks in the crust, alter them, carry and eventually precipitate metals to form a deposit. I use a field-based approach that ranges from mineralogical to µ-scale analysis and fluid inclusion investigations.

Recently, I have been working on green energy resources such as Li, as well as on sustainable metal recovery in active mines and tailings.

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Welcome Loïs

Loïs Monnier has just joined the G3 team’s ranks, on a 2-year post-doc contract ANR funding. Since his MSc, Loïs has been interested in magmatic and hydrothermal rare metal mineralization (Sn, W, Nb-Ta, Zr-Hf, U, REE). Specifically, he has worked on fluid inclusions and trace element signatures in minerals associated with the mineralization. As part […]


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