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 Until the shopping basket feature in the LANDSAT 8 data server at THEIA is ready, here is a short user manual on how to automatically download large numbers of LANDSAT tiles.

  1. Download the DownThemAll plugin for Firefox.
  2. Log in http://theia.cnes.fr/
  3. Enter your request, for instance "LANDSAT8 july 2013"
  4. Add "&maxRecords=500", at the end of the URL : http://spirit.cnes.fr/resto/Landsat/?format=html&lang=en&q=LANDSAT8+july+2013&maxRecords=500, to raise the maximum number of image per page to 500
  5. Click right on "DownThemAll". Enter your download directory in "Save files in", and in "quick filtering", add *download.  Select  "discard other filters", Add "*name*.tgz" in the renaming mask, then click on start.
  6. All the files are downloaded.

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