=> 🙂 🙂 🙂 After having repeated month after month " sorry, our L2A product production is late again for  this ou that reason" in this blog, on the phone, during meetings, via email or on social networks, you can't imagine my pleasure to announce that CNES just released large time series of Sentinel-2A L2A data, over France, Reunion Island, North of Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, and on some large sites in Burkina Faso, Mali, Ethiopia, and Tunisia. We process one whole year of data from December 1st 2015 to December 1st 2016. More than 5000 tiles where just released.  Processing over Tunisia goes on and Morocco and Senegal are next on the list. Then, we will process Madagascar, and the  all the zones displayed here. The data were processed using the MACCS processor.Data are available here :


Please have a look at the help page to access the product format documentation and install the download tool

Zone processed in the North of Spain, to cover the Pyrenees and the Ebro basin.
The Burkina-Mali transect asked by our users
Tiles processed by MUSCATE to cover metropolitan France, covering parts of England, Germany, the whole Belgium and Luxemburg, Switzerland and Italy
 To process the acquisitions made after the 1st of December 2016, on the other hand... sorry ;( thevalidation of MUSCATE adaptation to the new Sentinel-2 format is a little late, and the new version will only be operational in only two weeks. I would like to thank our patient or impatient users  but always polite and understanding, the MUSCATE developpment team, who beavered away to solve most bugs, and the production team, who managed to use at its best our system in ths difficult phase under the pressure of my impatience (always polite and understanding 😉 )  

4 thoughts on “5000+ L2A Sentinel-2A products released on Theia server

  1. This looks great! Currently working on something similar over the UK and would love to hear more about your work and maybe share experiences?

    1. Hi Gwawr,\nyou're welcome, i'll send you my email address and phone number.\nBest regards,\nOlivier

  2. Hi Olivier,will you in the meantime continue to process Sentinel-2 data over France (data acquired after December 2016)? Or focus on the above mentioned priority areas first?Best regards,Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra, \nnice to hear from you !\nOur priority is the zone over France (which includes part of Switzerland), but we still need a validation of a new version which processes the new version of level 1C products. But these days, our production is hampered by the slowlyness of CNES brand new big cluster, which is turning into a nightmare and cancels all our productions one day out of two, and just slows them the other day. We hope the computer staff willl overcome that soon.\n\nSo meanwhile, when our cluster lets us produce, we go on with the list of sites. Morocco is being produced, Senegal comes next.\n\nWhich region are you interested in, by the way ?\nBest regards,\nOlivier

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