=> I just took a work break in the middle of my holidays, but as I was away, we received a few feedbacks from users, and CNES PTSC teams, with Mireille's help at CESBIO verified the data sets released on July the 16th, in quite a rush... They found out that a few scenes were missing. For some of them, it was due to the late arrival of some images (just as for planes at the airport). These images have already been added to the server.And there were a couple of bugs that mostly affected the sites made of several SPOT images (CNES and NASA sites), and ESA Chinese site. These glitches have been corrected and the reprocessing started. The whole data set will be updated before end of August, which will constitute the version 1.1 of the SPOT4(Take5) data set. Keep posted on this blog, we will update it as soon as the data are available. Meanwhile, version 1 is still accessible here, and the format described there

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