This app shows the current snow cover area in comparison with a 30-year climatology that was generated from a climate reanalysis. The current snow cover is obtained from Nasa’s Terra/MODIS satellite observations. The app is automatically updated when new observations are available. You can select the entire Alps or a river basin subregion. The plots will appear after a few seconds load time.


The method is described in the following publication:

Gascoin, S., Monteiro, D., Morin, S. (2022) Reanalysis-based contextualization of real-time snow cover monitoring from space, Environ. Res. Lett. 17 114044

The data and Python code to train the model and infer the snow cover fraction climatology are publicly available on GitHub ( Earth Engine JavaScript code to compute the snow cover fraction from MODIS products and the code of the web application are publicly available in this git repository (