=> The production of Sentinel-2 L2A data is on-going at CNES THEIA, but it is still a little slower than expected. We had one fast day on which the exploitation team managed to process 600 tiles, but the production has often been slower as we needed to solve a few glitches, and as the whole CNES processing center had also its own issues. Meanwhile, my colleagues at CNES MUSCATE Center, with the precious help of Dominique Clesse (CAP GEMINI) and Remi Mourembles (CAP GEMINI), have implemented the possibility to download the images via a script and no click. By the way, the shop cart, which did not work when we ordered more than 10 products has also been repaired. The script is very easy to use, for instance, the following line downloads the SENTINEL-2 products above tile T31TCJ (Toulouse), acquired in September 2016 :

python ./theia_download.py -t 'T31TCJ' -c SENTINEL2 -a config_theia.cfg -d 2016-09-01 -f 2016-10-01

 The two following command lines also have the same effect :

python ./theia_download.py -l 'toulouse' -c SENTINEL2 -a config_theia.cfg -d 2016-09-01 -f 2016-10-01python ./theia_download.py --lon 1 --lat 43.5 -c SENTINEL2 -a config_theia.cfg -d 2016-09-01 -f 2016-10-01

 You only have to specify your account and password in the config_theia.cfg site. To get an account, you need to register on Theia website. There are more options and some explanations about doing that through a proxy in my github page, and of course, you can download the script from there.  For those of you allergic to command lines, the shop cart in theia website has also been repaired (the firewall was preventing shop carts of more than 10 products)

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