Lo Canigó és una magnòlia immensaque en un rebrot del Pirineu se bada- Jacint Verdaguer i Santaló


The Canigó is an immense magnoliathat blooms in an offshoot of the Pyrenees


3D view of the Canigou on 19-Dec-2017 (with a fancy tiltshift effect)

The Cesium library enables to interact with 3D models of the Earth surface in your browser. In combination with the Sentinel-Hub WMS service, it makes it possible to drape any Sentinel-2 image on a digital elevation model to visualize it in 3D. In his great post about Color Correction with JavaScript, Miha Kadunc of Sinergise illustrated this possibility with Monte Sarmiento in Patagonia. Here, I just re-used his code to make a 3D model with the latest Sentinel-2 image (19-Dec-2017) of one of my favorite mountain, the Canigou.

See and edit code in full screen

The snow season started early this year in the Pyrenees mountains, especially in the French Pyrenees.

Update on 03 April</ins, another example use of Cesium:

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