A good piece of news, directly from ESA’s S2 project manager: ESA is now making plans for a global reprocessing of Sentinel-2 archive in 2019. As explained here, Sentinel-2 data multi-temporal registration isn’t perfect yet. It should be improved in the first quarter of 2019, thanks to the use of ground control points obtained via automatic matching, but the issue with the reprocessing of Sentinel-2 archive had not been addressed. It is now, but of course not before 2019. I let you imagine the amount of processing required to do so for the complete 3.5 years archive of Sentinel-2 at that time, so it will be costly and require hard work, but yet it is indispensable. Let’s thank ESA and Copernicus for considering this and letting us know ! 

11 thoughts on “ESA is making plans for a global Sentinel2 reprocessing in 2019 to enhance multi-temporal registration

      1. From the Mission Status Report of December-2020: « Start of the geometry-refined production using the Global Reference Image (GRI) and Copernicus DEM at 90 m resolution by January2021 » 😉 Well, at least it is not dropped from the todo list! Do you know if this is also meant for past data?

        1. Hi, to my knowledge, there is a plan for an ambitious complete reprocessing, but it will be done with a change of format (adding information required by the Analysis Ready Data norm, which should mostly affect the metadata), and we don’t know yet the planned date, but I guess it will not be in the coming weeks.

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