Assuming that you have downloaded from Theia and unzipped several products in the same directory. Assuming that you have a Linux OS with GNU Parallel, GDAL and OTB command line utilities installed..






Then, in your terminal, type:

# Get the color table
# reproject all SNW raster products to a common system (here Web Mercator) and assign 255 to nodata
parallel gdalwarp -srcnodata 255 -overwrite -r near -t_srs "EPSG:3857" {} {/} ::: $(ls SEN*/*SNW*.tif)
# Apply color table
parallel otbcli_ColorMapping -in {} -out c{} uint8 -method.custom.lut LIS_SEB_style_OTB.txt ::: $(ls S*SNW*.tif)
# Merge colored images and set 0 to nodata -n 0 c*tif -o mosaic.tif -co COMPRESS=DEFLATE

Here the output is yesterday’s snow cover map of the entire French Alps (10 December 2020). Snow is cyan, clouds are white.


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