I had the opportunity to participate to the ESA Living Planet Symposium, in Edinburgh, last week, together with 1800 other remote sensing data user, mostly from Europe. It is incredible to see that after more than 20 years in this domain, I know less than 10% of the audience !There were 10 parallel sessions each day, and in the biggest room, 2 sessions were organised for each Sentinel mission, and these sessions have been filmed. These films are on the web, accessible from this page. As a reader of this blog, you might be interested by the sessions about Sentinel-2, available here :

  • Sentinel-2 mission, to have a complete update about the mission and its ground segment (official launch dates : 09/2014 (S2-A) and 09/2015 (S2-B)).
  • Sentinel-2 potential applications and services, in which I presented the SPOT(Take5) experiment (the third presentation, from 46′ to 1h06′). Please be lenient, I was a little nervous in front of 150-200 people !

I also wrote (quickly) a seven page paper about the SPOT4 (Take5) experiment.

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