Twice a year, there is a  Landsat Science Team meeting, organised by USGS. One day is dedicated to LANDSAT news, and one or two days to the science team presentations. And what is good, is that the slides are made available just after the meeting. It is a good way to get news from LANDSAT, and even from Sentinel-2, and to see how LANDSAT data are used in the USA mainly, but also around the world. Here is the address : The question is : will there be a Sentinel-2 Science Team ? There is a Sentinel-2 Mission Advisory Group, but the carefully selected members (I am one of them…) were only reunited twice during Sentinel-2 development phase, and the slides are not available. Even if there were also two Sentinel-2 symposiums (and two SPOT (Take5) workshops, with the slides here and there), the level of discussions and feedback with the project team is not the same as in a science team with a reduced size. Please remember that the next SPOT (Take5) workshop will be held within the Living Planet Symposium in Prague, next May

Number of LANDSAT scenes processed and delivered by USGS. More than 700 000 Landsat scenes were distributed in March 2015, which makes quite a difference with the period when LANDSAT data were not free, until 2008 (source USGS)

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