=> A few colleagues replied to our campaign to explain some of the dangers of Google Earth Engine. They said :

"well, after all you are probably right, but don't worry, we only use it to do quick and dirty stuff, not real scientific work"

 As most (...) of these colleagues are quite sensible, I am not worrying too much. But as far as I am concerned, I would have some chances to be a victim of Mrs-Armitage-on-wheels Syndrom (AWS). I guess I do not need to explain it to our british colleagues who consult this blog, this syndrom originates form the great children book from Quentin Blake, that I used to read to my children, some time ago (every night for the two first weeks, then once in a while...) : Mrs Armitage on wheels. Another daddy reads it for you here.Concerning this post about flooding detection for instance, could you resist the temptation to enhance it a little, adding several levels of flooding, a monitoring of how the water recedes, a comparison to historical flooding levels,  and even a little model of plant respiration in the soil to see if the crops have a chance to survive, or a water flow model to see where the wine bottles from your mother-in-law cellar can be now... And what happens if GEE stops, or requires paiment, or simply changes, of if a stone crosses the road without looking on both sides ?- "Paheehahurh" (read the book, I do not want to spoil the end... !).  

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