=> The fourth edition of the RAQRS (Recent Advances in Quantitative Remote Sensing) Symposium took place in Valencia (Spain) two weeks ago. This symposium happens every forth year, is perfectly organised by J.Sobrino and his colleagues at University of Valencia. It  aims at showing the last advances in remote sensing for land surfaces, in all wavelengths and with either active or passive methods. We talked about low and high resolution time series of optical images, radar, passive microwaves, thermal infrared, paella, fluorescence, soil moisture, jamon, evapo-transpiration, biomass, orchata and biophysical variables... The SPOT4 (Take5) was also present in a few posters and presentations, joined here. And it was the right place to announce SPOT5 (Take5) ! (If the document does not show up (it is too large), click on the icon on the upper right corner, if it still does not show up, use the download button)



https://labo.obs-mip.fr/wp-content-labo/uploads/sites/19/2014/10/RAQRSS_S2agri_Exploration_Poster_JInglada.pdf http://jordiinglada.net/stok/interpolation_poster.pdf

Jordi Inglada et al posters

https://labo.obs-mip.fr/wp-content-labo/uploads/sites/19/2014/10/MaraisSicre_seuils_RAQRS_5.pdf https://labo.obs-mip.fr/wp-content-labo/uploads/sites/19/2014/10/RAQRS_2014_Battude.pdf

Claire Marais Sicre      and         Marjorie Battude


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