The Sen2Agri system was just released in version 2.0. As the project is now terminated and will not receive more funding from ESA, V2_0 is the final version, apart maybe for a few bug fixes. Sen2Agri is a very complete ground segment that automates download and processing of Sentinel-2 data to obtain multi-temporal syntheses, crop/non crop, and crop type masks as well as biophysical variables and phenological indicators. It was designed to be able to process the Sentinel-2 data over whole countries. The Sen2AGri system has been a huge success. I receive an email each time MACCS/MAJA is downloaded, and I just counted 651 downloads after sorting them out the double download,The new version includes the most recent version of MAJA (3.3) for atmospheric correction and cloud detection (but without using the CAMS data, which are not always easy to access), an early version of WASP to make the composites, an early version of Iota2 to obtain crop types, a processor to obtain the crop/non Crop mask, and a processor to compute biophysical variables inspired by the works of F.Baret and M.Weiss at INRA. The consortium, funded by ESA, was lead by Sophie Bontemps et Pierre Defourny at the Université Catholique de Louvain. The system was developed by CS-SI France and Romania, and most of the methods were designed in CESBIO.   

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