=> Here are the zones where Sentinel-2 data are processed to L2A by THEIA. The data are available here.. The red tiles are already available and processed in NRT. The other zones will be added progressively.  

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These little squares were selected through the Theia Sentinel-2 call for proposals. CNES Muscate center processes these tiles to Level 2A using MAJA processor. L2A images provide ortho-rectified images which are corrected from atmospheric effects and provided with a cloud and cloud shadow mask.   

9 thoughts on “S2 tiles produced to L2A by THEIA

  1. Hello Olivier,Just a quick question, I was directed here from a comment on a recent blog and was wondering if you have any update on when Theia will be releasing the data on those tiles and where to access them from?I’m not hoping for too much but even a month will help me organise my research.Thanks,Noah

    1. Hi Noah,We will start distributing data in September 2016, we are in the final validation stages. The production will start with France and be extended to the other regions. I am not yet able to tell how long it will take as our system is brand new. Several months I guess. Which region are you interested in ?Cheers,Olivier

  2. Hello,I am a Moroccan researcher student, my question is that data are available on Morocco and how i can download it??thank you

    1. Hi Noura, both satellites are very good ones, and very similar. Choose according to the dates, cloud cover, not according to the satellite, or better, use time series.

  3. Hi there,

    Is it normal if there are more than 1 million points with zero values in L2A products from MAJA 4.5.4?

    Kind regards

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