(updated version after correction of a 2 days error)The table below provides the day number in SPOT5 (Take5) 5 days cycle for all the sites. You can find the overpass dates knowing that April 3rd, May 3rd, June 2nd, July 2nd, August 1th, September 5th are all Day 1 in the cycle (from these dates, you may count on your fingers, which luckily are have the same number per hand as the number of days per Take5 cycle…) Regarding the name of the sites, which are not always self explanatory (we are not geographs), the best is to find the name of the site you are interested in the display here

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Bily_Kriz_Czech Bordeaux_France Auch_France Arles_France Kairouan_Tunisia
Chiapas_Mexico Pornic_France Barcelonnette_Fr. Ecrins_France Algeria4
Doukkala_Marocco Tensift_Morocco Mazandaran_Iran Baotou Bakan_Vietnam
Hyytiala_Finland Toulouse_France SaintEtienne_France Figueres_Spain Degrad_Caqueta_Col.
Lk._Balaton_Hungary Central_Cameroon Belgium Plaine_Morte_Switz. Eisenwurzen_Austria
Lk._Victoria_Uganda Kafa_Tura_Ethiopia Burkina Ostergotland_Sweden Meranti_Indonesia
Neusiedler_See_Austri. Lk_Chad_Camero. Central_African_Rep. Robson_Creek_Austra. Innsbruck_Austria
Shandong_China Madre_Dios_Peru Kalimantan_Indon. Sjuharad_Sweden La_Victoria_Colombia
Sodankyla_Finland Malawi Ctral_Yamal_Russia Sodankyla_Finland Lanzhot_Czech
Stitna_Czech South_Africa Demmin_Germany Teshekpuk_Alaska Railroad_UnitedStates
Apulia_Italia Baffin_Is._Canada Durango_Mexico Bagre_Burkina Sodankyla_Finland
Biebrza_Poland Igarka_Russia Guyana Germany Sumatra_Min_Indon.
Dahra_Senegal Kronebreen_N.way In._Niger_Delta_Mali Ghana Sumatra_PSF_Indon.
Devon_UK Kruger_Sth_Africa Lybia4 Hettstedt_Germany Toula_Russia
Foggia_Italia Nanyuki_Kenya Manitoba_Canada Hyltemossa_Sweden Waldviertel_Austria
Paranoa_Brasil Poyang_China Ourikela_Mali LanguedoFrance Berlin_Germany
Rio_Preto_Brazil Reunion_France Sodankyla_Finland Ndombe_Congo Bolikhamsai_Laos
Slovenie Skopje_Macedonia TheNetherlands Sacramento_Riv._USA Canberra_Australia
Tsuruoka_Japan Tongling_China Ukraine Slims_River_Canada Dyna_Cst_South_Africa
Beijing_China Uganda Vasterbotten_Sweden Mulhouse_France Gundlupet_India
Campeche_Mexico Zlatiata_Bulgaria Barrax_Spain Alsace_France Kudaliar_India
Greenland Bialowieza_Poland Beauce_France Berlin_W_Germany Lombardy_Italia
Litchfield_Australia Gabon Braila_Romania Lena_Delta_Russia Mantua_Italia
SarnadesRodao_Pt. Jaworki_Poland Congo Gotabeb_Namibia Moorsburg_Sth_Africa
Tartu_Estonia Madrid_Spain Ottawa_Canada Kranzberger_Ger. Nefta_Tozeur_Tunisia
Tallin_Estonia Punjab_India Novo_Progresso_Braz. North_Poland
Tanzania Ruhr_Germany Pallas_Finland North_West_Poland
Wageningen_NL Schiermonnikoog_NL Santarem_Brazil Sierra_Nevada_Col.
Valencia_Spain Tapajos_Brazil Southern_Coast_Israel
Wako_Kungo_Angola An_Giang_Vietnam
Kytalyk_Russia Cambodia
Luxembourg Stockholm

5 thoughts on “Calendrier / Calendar
SPOT5 (Take5)

  1. Dear representatives of SPOT5 (Take 5) initiative,We represent Space Research Institute NASU and SSAU of Ukraine. Our team is taking part in SPOT5 (Take 5) initiative with our JECAM Psheniche test-site.It is good news that SPOT 5 images have been acquiring from the beginning of April.We have some additional questions about these activities and kindly ask you about quick response.1) As we understand from the calendar of SPOT5, next dates of acquisition are planned for Ukraine (April: 5, 10; 15; 20; 25, 30; May: 5; 10; 15; 20; 25, 30; June: 4, 9; 14; 19; 24; 29). Is it correct?2) When and how could we download Spot5 data? It’s very important, because we are planning in-situ surveys now and such satellite data would be extremely useful.Thank you in advance.Best regards.

    1. Dear Colleagues, \nyes, the dates you computed are correct (I checked April and May).\n\nRegarding the distribution of data, we intend to release the first data 2 months after the first images (around the 8th of June), and then, in routine, produce them three weeks after acquisition date. The processing is not based on an operational ground segment, so it is processed on a best effort basis.\n\nOlivier

  2. Bonjour Olivier,Would it be possible to know the time of day (hour:minute) for the image acquisitions over the Sacramento_Riv._USA site? Thank you.Cedric

    1. Hi Cedric, \nhere was the overpass time (UTC) over Sacramento on April 21.\n 2015-04-21 17:50:28\nSPOT5 overpass time will slowly drift earlier by 10 minutes until the end of the experiment.\nCheers\nOlivier

  3. Hi Olivier,Thanks a lot. Very helpful.Just making sure I got it right: The total drift will be 10 min, meaning the overpass time of the last acquisition in September 2015 will be ~17:40 UTC. This is important for my application.Thanks,Cedric

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