The table below provides the day number in SPOT4(Take5) 5 days cycle for the 42 sites. You can find the overpass dates knowing that January 31st, February 5th, March 2nd, April 1st, May 1st and June 5th are all Day 1 in the cycle.

Jour1 / Day1 Jour2 / Day2 Jour3 / Day3 Jour4 / Day4 Jour5 / Day5
CChine EKorea CAlsace CMadagascar EChina
EEthiopia JTanzania CArdeche EEgypt EJordan
ESouthAfrica ECongo CLanguedoc CAlpes JBotswana
EGabon EUkraine NSGP CProvence JZambia
JCameroon CLoire CCRSCanada CTunisie NMaricopa
CAquitaine CSudmipyO CSudmipyE EArgentina JSumatra
CBretagne CVersailles JThailand EParaguay
CMaroc EBelgique CCongo
EMorocco EChesapeake
NMaricopa JHonduras

Sites starting with a C are CNES sites, E, ESA sites, J, JRC sites, N, NASA sites, CCRS... CCRS site

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