=> There is an odd image in this time series of L2A products of the 31TCJ Sentinel-2 tile (Toulouse region). Can you guess which one ? Yes it is the last one, acquired on the 26th of February. But what's odd with it ?

  • The black South East corner ? No, just a different orbit
  • The date ? Close enough...
  • Two images separated by one day (25 th, 26 th of January) ? You're boiling !

There was no Sentinel-2 image over Toulouse on the 26th, and the image comes from LANDSAT-8. Wait, LANDSAT-8 data on Sentinel tiles ? Yes, Theia is now producing Landsat-8 L2A data over France and its overseas territories with MAJA processor, and before that, the L1 products from USGS are reprojected and resampled on Sentinel-2's grid of tiles. The formats of L2A products from LANDSAT-8 and Sentinel-2 are very similar, to help you easily use both data sets. As there is still a manual step in Theia's LANDSAT-8 production, the products are not generated in near real time, but after a couple of weeks. The production started with the data acquired in March 2017. Before that, you will find "old format data", that we will reproduce as soon as we find some time to do it..

The Theia_download tool was adapted to allow you to download LANDSAT-8 data. As you can see on the image above, the time series is very homogeneous, and it is difficult to see a difference in tint, in should therefore be easy for you to integrate these images to your application.

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