=> The last imaged acquired by SPOT4 were taken on the 19th of June, in the framework of Take5 experiment. It is with some sadness that we see the end of this very intense experiment : SPOT4 de-orbitation started and the satellite will be switched off on June the 29th 2013. SPOT4 will burn in the atmosphere in a few decades. 

First and last SPOT4 (Take5) images acquired over the Alps site, on February the 8th (left) and June the 13th (right).

 I would like to thank once again : 

  • Sylvia and CNES teams who contributed to the feasibility studies, to the budget negociations, to the experiment decision and to establishing the contracts and the license for use.
  • Frederic and CNES and CS-SI teams who changed the satellite orbit and then programmed it and monitored its health during its extended life.
  • Laetitia and Joel who helped us programming the gains and checking the acquisitions
  • Mickey and Astrium Geo teams (SPOT IMAGE), who downloaded, selected and processed to level 1A about 1600 images (those which had at least a small patch of clear sky) and Bruno, for his patience regarding the long, divers and complex procedures of the space agencies regarding the contracts.
  • The data users who proposed the numerous appplications of SPOT4 (Take5) data, and our partners, ESA, JRC, NASA and CCRS, whose support was essential to get the experiment decided.
  • Jean-François, and the CESBIO colleagues who kept going in the fields to collect in-situ data, and those who supported my complaints regarding the rgnenjbfhzerj weather we had in France this spring. Weather is still cloudy and cold, but now I have stopped complaining.
  • CNES and Thales geometry specialists who helped me tuning the ortho-rectification parameters
  • The PTSC development and processing teams (CNES, CAP GEMINI, STERIA), who are still working on level 1C and 2A production and distribution : the processing is well advanced, and nearly 80% of the acquired data have been processed
  • the many readers of this blog, whose regular visits cheer us up (6400 visits et 3500 different visitors, 15000 pages viewed)
  • and Mireille, who is carefully and efficiently updating and improving the Level 2 processor on which our work,is based.

This blog will go on after the end of acquisitions, we will publish here the results obtained with SPOT4 (Take5) data, and we will provide news about PTSC, Venµs, LANDSAT and Sentinel-2. And also, SPOT5 will be de-orbited in a few years...

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