First SPOT5 (Take5), acquired the 8th of April in Ouganda, North of Lake Victoria. To limit download time, it is only provided here at 60m resolution. The colour composite is : (red : SWIR, green : NIR, blue : Red)
=>  The first set of SPOT5 (Take5) images was acquired yesterday, 8th of April. Here is one of the images, processed by Airbus Defence and Space at Level 1A. This image has nothing special in itself, as it is only one of 12 000 000 SPOT5 images, but it is still the proof that everything went well at all stages, from programming to acquisition and processing, despite the fact that SPOT5 is not on its nominal orbit anymore. Many thanks to all the teams who worked hard these last days to achieve this !This image will be followed by 29 more images on this site, acquired with a periodicity of five days. And the same will happen on 149 other sites. This is special !
Zoom at full resolution (Rhinoceros Island ? No, Sigulu Island )
We have now to turn the processing lines on, but as you know, the 150 sites were only defined lately, and we still have some configuration and verification work to do, before we start the first qualification production, and at the very end, the operational one. So please be patient, but stay tuned.

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