The SPOT(Take5) project had a one day session at the living planet symposium ! If it looked nice when we decided it, it turned out that it was not a true good idea. Most of the LPS 2016 sessions were thematic sessions (forest, agriculture, coasts, inland waters…), while the SPOT (Take5) sessions were jumping from one theme to the other. If overall we have reached much more than one hundred people, people kept getting in and out of the room depending on the themes. The session was named « lessons learned from the SPOT (Take5) experiment », and this is clearly one of the lessons we learned. However, we had high quality presentations, and very good application examples worth spreading. To give this objectively wonderful project a little more deserved exposure, I have tried to gather most of the slides presented at the LPS to show them here. I may have missed some of the presentations, or some of the presenters might have missed my email asking for the slides. You can still send your presentation, and I will update the post.

Preprocessing :

Lessons Learned from the SPOT (Take5) Experiments: Simulations of Sentinel-2 Time Series on 195 Sites Hagolle, Olivier (1); Sylvander, Sylvia (2); Behague, Martine (2); Hoersch, Bianca (3); Koetz, Benjamin (3); Huc, Mireille (1); Clesse, Dominique (4); Desjardins, Camille (2); Rodriguez, Karl (5) 1: CESBIO, France; 2: CNES, France; 3: ESA/ESRIN; 4: Cap Gemini, France; 5: Steria, France Multitemporal Algorithms for cloud shadow detection, improved on SPOT (Take5) time series processing Huc, Mireille Nathalie; Gely, Paul; Hagolle, Olivier CESBIO, France

Biophysical variables :

Downscaling LST Data to Estimate Field-scale Evapotranspiration using Images from the SPOT-5 Take-5 Experiment, Bisquert, Mar (1); Sánchez, Juan M. (1); López-Urrea, Ramón (2); Caselles, Vicente (3); Galve, Joan M. (3) 1: Department of Applied Physics, Polytechnic School, University of Castilla-La Mancha, 16071 Cuenca (Spain); 2: Instituto Técnico Agronómico Provincial de Albacete and FUNDESCAM, Polígono Industrial Campollano, 02007 Albacete (Spain); 3: Earth Physics and Thermodynamics Department, Faculty of Physics, University of Valencia, 46100 Burjassot (Spain)Data Assimilation Techniques to Monitor Agricultural Areas, Gomez-Dans, Jose Luis (1,2); Lewis, Philip (1,2); Pounder, Nicola (3); Timmermans, Joris (1); Disney, Mathias (1,2); Chernetskiy, Maxim (1); Waldner, Francois (4); Demarez, Valerie (5); Battude, Marjorie (5); Kussul, Nataliia (6) 1: University College London, United Kingdom; 2: NERC National Centre for Earth Observation, United Kingdom; 3: Assimila Ltd, United Kingdom; 4: Universite Catholique de Louvain, Belgium; 5: CESBIO, France; 6: Space Research Institute, UkraineFertility Mapping in Sudano-Sahelian Agrosystems: an Integrated Approach based on Seasonal Digital Globe and SPOT-5 Take5 Time-series , Blaes, Xavier (1); Lambert, Marie-Julie (1); Chomé, Guillaume (1); Traore, Pierre Sibiry (2); Defourny, Pierre (1) 1: Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium; 2: ICRISAT, Mali Accuracy assessment of GAI retrieval from SPOT5 Take5 according to crop type and crop development (BELCAM), Delloye C. Baret F. Weiss M. , Morin D. and Defourny P., Delloye C. 1, Baret F. 2, Weiss M. 2, Morin D.3 and Defourny P. 1 Earth and Life Institute, Université catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium A Simple Spectral Model of Fire Impacts, J Gomez-Dans , P Lewis , D Roy, J Brennan, Haiyan Huang, M Disney, National Centre for Earth Observation & University College London, UK 

Land Cover, vegetation

 Sentinel-2 for Agriculture Project: SPOT5-Take 5 Data Set to Anticipate Sentinel-2 Exploitation for Agriculture Monitoring Applications,Bellemans, Nicolas (1); Arias, Marcela (2); Bontemps, Sophie (1); Dedieu, Gerard (2); Guzzonato, Eric (3); Hagolle, Olivier (2); Inglada, Jordi (2); Morin, David (2); Rabaute, Thierry (3); Savinaud, Mickael (3); Koetz, Benjamin (4); Defourny, Pierre (1),  1: Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium; 2: CESBIO, France; 3: CS Systèmes d’Information, France; 4: European Space Agency, ItalyTime Series Analysis with CadasterENV, Rosengren, Mats (1); Jönsson, Camilla (1); Paganini, Marc (2) 1: Metria AB, Sweden; 2: ESA, ESRIN, Italy Automatic derivation of Forest Cover and Forest Cover Change using Dense Multi-temporal Time Series Data from Landsat and Spot5 Take5, Storch, Cornelia; Wagner, Thomas; Ramminger, Gernot; Pape, Marlon; Ott, Hannes; Häusler, Thomas; Gomez, Sharon GAF AG, Germany Large and Small-scale Cropland Classification on the Foothills of Mt.Kenya based on SPOT5Take5 Data Time Series, Eckert, Sandra Centre for Development and Environment, University of Bern, SwitzerlandSPOT Take5 Opportunities for Different Areas Covered by Vegetation in Poland, Dabrowska-Zielinska, Katarzyna (1); Tomaszewska, Monika (1); Musial, Jan Pawel (1); Budzynska, Maria (1); Bartold, Maciej (2,1) 1: Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Poland; 2: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Geography and Regional StudiesCOPERNICUS Services for Agricultural Monitoring in Romania, Moise, Cristian; Badea, Alexandru; Dana-Negula, Iulia; Poenaru, Violeta Romanian Space Agency, RomaniaMapping Grassland using Multi-seasonal SPOT 5 Images provided by Take5 Mission Henits, Laszlo; Petrik, Otto; Maucha, Gergely Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing, Hungary

Snow, Ice Mountains

   Let it Snow, operational snow cover product from Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 data,M.Grizonnet 1, S.Gascoin 2, O.Hagolle 2, C.L’helguen 1, T. Klempka 1, 1: CNES, 2: CESBIO Estimating the Seasonal Glacier Flow-field Evolution of Kronebreen from the Spot5-take5 Campaign, Altena, Bas; Kääb, Andreas University of Oslo, NorwayThe use of SPOT5 (Take 5) for Landslide Detection in Preparation for the Arrival of SENTINEL-2 Satellite, Vecchiotti, Filippo; Tilch, Nils; Haberler, Alexandra Austrian Geological Survey, Austria  

Inland waters

 Assessment of Macrophytes Seasonal Dynamics Using Dense Time Series of Satellite Data, Villa, Paolo (1); Bresciani, Mariano (1); Pinardi, Monica (1); Tóth, Viktor R. (2); Bolpagni, Rossano (3)1: CNR-IREA, Italy; 2: MTA-BLI, Hungary; 3: UNIPR, Italy Expects from Sentinel-2 for, Wide and Small, Temperate and Tropical, Wetlands Monitoring based on 2013 and 2015 Take-Five Experiment , Yesou, Herve (1); Faivre, Robin (1); Cao, Lei (2); Burnham, James (3); Lai, Xijun (4); Studer, Mathias (1); Huber, Claire (1) 1: ICube-SERTIT, France; 2: State Key Laboratory of Urban and Regional Ecology, Beijing, China; 3: ICF, Baraboo, USA; 4: Niglas, najing, China Monitoring Water Turbidity: Contribution of SPOT5 TAKE5 to Health Hazard Monitoring in West Africa (Bagre Lake, Burkina Faso), Robert, Elodie (1); Grippa, Manuela (2); Kergoat, Laurent (3); Martinez, Jean-Michel (4); Pinet, Sylvain (5); Gal, Laetitia (6) 1: CNES, CNRS, GET, France; 2: CNAP, GET; 3: CNRS, GET; 4: IRD, GET; 5: CNES, GET; 6: UPS, GET Can we use SPOT 5 (Take 5) Data to Monitor the Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Arctic River Yenisei? Herrault, Pierre-Alexis (1,2); Gandois, Laure (2); Gascoin, Simon (1); Tananaev, Nikita (3); Le Dantec, Théo (2); Teisserenc, Roman (2) 1: Centre d’études spatiales de la biosphère (CESBIO), UPS/CNRS/IRD/CNES, Toulouse, France); 2: Laboratoire d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle (ECOLAB), UPS/CNRS, Toulouse, France; 3: Igarka Geocryology Lab, Igarka, Russie

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