=> CNES just decided to extend the SPOT5 (Take5) experiment by one week until the 15th of September. This extension is a generous compensation for the loss of two periods of acquisition :

  • the first one was due to a failure of the receiving station, and resulted in the loss of a complete cycle of data, from May the 29th to June the 2nd.
  • the second and recent one was related to a bug in the programming software in a configuration that had not been tested yet. This one resulted in the lost of two days of acquisition, from August the 1st,, 21:26 :22 to August the 3rd, 22:25:44.

Thanks to this extension, we will still get 5 complete months of data for each site, and about 30 acquisitions per site, every 5 days.  After that, Sentinel-2 will soon take over from SPOT5 (Take5) acquisitions. Sentinel-2 acquisitions started to be almost systematic above Europe at the end of July, and the programmed zone will be extended progressively.   

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