After the preliminary list of sites issued last week, we are now able to release the final list of SPOT5 (Take5) sites, after CNES checked that the satellite is able to visit each of them every 5 days.[map style="width: auto;  height:400px;  margin:20px 0px 20px 0px;  border: 1px  solid black;" maptype="OSM"  kml=""]We had to do 5 changes compared to the preliminary list of sites. Three sites had to be removed because the density of sites was too high around them. We are very sorry for those of you who proposed these sites and were counting on using the data, we had technical constraints and choices had to be made. The unlucky sites are :- Mariazell in Austria (but Eisenwursen site is now twice longer in compensation)- KleinAltenDorf and BlackForest in Germany 2 sites have been moved slightly so that they can be merged in one segment of two images, with no need to move the mirror between them :- Alsace and Mulhouse in France.In the new file, we have added a colour code (and a comment provided by each site) which provides the observation day in the 5 days cycle. The 2nd of April should be a day 1 in the cycle, but it will have to be confirmed as it is only the nominal option. It will only be confirmed on the 3rd of April, after the orbit change operations have ended. From then on, you will be able to compute the observation days until the end of the experiment.Here is the colour code :

  • Blue is day 1
  • Green is day 2
  • Red is day 3
  • Yellow is day 4
  • Pink is day 5
  • Black is Sodankyla site in Finland (which is observed every day except day 2)

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