This is a time-lapse of all clear-sky images captured by Venµs over the Khumbu Icefall near Mount Everest since November 2017 (one year of data, 51 images at 5 m resolution)

.Khumbu Icefall by Venµs

Here I used the Level-1C products (i.e. without atmospheric correction) because the Level-2A products are provided at a lower resolution (10 m). Anyway, the atmosphere is rather thin in this area..To make this animation (without the date annotation to simplify):

1) download

python ./ -l 'Nepal' -c VENUS -a config_theia.cfg -d 2017-11-01 -f 2018-12-01 --level 'LEVEL1C'

2) unzip

mkdir -p ../VENUS

parallel unzip -d ../VENUS ::: $(find . -name "VENUS*zip")

3) export as natural color pictures

cd ../VENUS

mkdir -p VIS

parallel gdal_translate -srcwin 4118 3132 1058 770 -of JPEG -b 7 -b 4 -b 3 -scale 0 800 0 255 -ot byte {} VIS/{/.}.jpg ::: $(find . -name VE*[0-9].DBL.TIF)

4) animate with imagemagick

convert -delay 10 VIS/*jpg anim.gif

And using QGIS2threeJS we can fly above the image (here 16 July 2017)..


Continued: Khumbu icefall in 4D…

4 thoughts on “The Khumbu Icefall by Venµs

  1. Great !Thanks Simon for this nice work and Python code.By the way, we see that glaciers are still alive .. :-)Jean-Pierre

  2. Hi, I don’t fully understand how to replicate this myself. I would like to generate a tiff file from another geographical location hopefully by stl and apply rayshader packages.

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