We are pleased to announce that Theia has put online 93 Sentinel-2 snow products, corresponding to 6 tiles in the Alps, Pyrenees, and Atlas mountains between July 2016 to November 2016. 300 more products should be available next week. The operational production should start in autumn 2017 (i.e. near real time), and will cover a larger area. We will also strive to improve the products based on the users feedbacks!

Time series of available products for tile 30TYN (Pyrenees)


The products can be downloaded here:https://theia.cnes.fr/atdistrib/rocket/#/search?collection=Snow


You can find the product documentation including a video tutorial here:https://labo.obs-mip.fr/multitemp/?page_id=10748

Theia snow collection

A big thanks to all the people involved in this project, in the MUSCATE development and exploitation teams at CNES and Capgemini, for this first achievement! And a special thanks to Olivier!


Simon Gascoin and Manuel Grizonnet

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