=> As we had announced in November, the MUSCATE production centre in Theia is gradually adding areas in the Sahel, which are shown in the image below. The data are processed from December 2016 onwards, which means that we have a large amount of data to process. We started with the most westerly tiles, in Senegal on the UTM28 zone, then progressed from one zone to another towards the East.


Progress of the processing of tiles in Theia’s Sahel zone. The tiles in red are available since January 2017, and processed in real time. The tiles in blue are being processed or will be shortly.

In the recent days, Theia has completed the processing of tiles in the UTM30 zone and in most of UTM31 area. The added region includes Burkina Faso, South of Mali, West of Niger, North of Benin. The processing of the east of UTM31 and the whole UTM 32 tiles has started. Feel free to take a look from time to time at the map of areas covered by MUSCATE. The blue tiles turn red as soon as we switch to near real time processing. The data can be downloaded from here:


Animation in the region of the city of Mopti, Mali, with about one image per month in 2017. The displayed time series extends between two rainy seasons and covers the dry season. Many fire scars are visible during the dry season. Some shadows appear, which actually correspond to the shadows of cirrus clouds corrected by MAJA. Shadows and cirrus are marked in the products.

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