=> The real products from the new Venµs satellite, will be time series of high resolution images of the Earth (not Venus planet) acquired every second day on more than 100 sites. But to get these time series, Venµs needs to be on its nominal orbit, which will be reached beginning of September. Anyway, we are happy to share the first images taken from the satellite, just to let you know that Venµs camera, memory and downlink work as expected ! It is already a lot, and after the usual debugging, verification, calibration and assessment, we will soon get our time series.

One of Venµs first images acquired above Phoenix (Arizona, USA), with a lot of irrigated fields.


 But I'd better not tell too much, while I can just provide the official press communication from CNES, on which each word was weighted, discussed and approved !Many thanks to all my French and Israeli colleagues who contributed to this quick and successful achievement.

2 thoughts on “Venµs first images

  1. A superb image! Thanks a million to all of the Venus team from those of us in Maricopa. We are anxiously looking forward to still more Venus images.

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