1/ New 5m Level 2 products

The Venus L2 production has been moved to a different processing center. From January 2020, the VENµS L2 production is only performed by the MUSCATE processing center, instead of the VIP (VENµS Image Processing) center, with MAJA processor also used for Sentinel-2.

The aim is to improve the integration of Venus products in the MUSCATE center which also produces Sentinel 2, Landsat and other satellite products.

For the users, the main features are:

  • Level 2 (atmospheric corrections) are available at 5m ground resolution. Formerly, only Level 1 products (TOA reflectances) were available at 5 m resolution and L2 were provided at 10m resolution. . From February 7th, 2020, Level 2 (and Level 1) products will be distributed with 5m resolution only
  • The new 5m L2 products are identified with an added "_XS_" in the filename. The new products feature different metadata keywords from the previous ones and one independent file per band. The format change iis due to the homogeneisation of formats within MUSCATE. The new format is described here :


2/ Reprocessing

The full archive is being reprocessed for providing L2 products at 5 m resolution. Another improvement deals with cloud detection. As a consequence you might have more products available over your site for both recent and ancient acquisitions.

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