The Venµs satellite is a French/Israeli micro-satellite which aims at demonstrating the interest of repetitive and very frequent observations to monitor vegetation. As Venµs is a micro satellite, it does not cover all world, but only 110 sites selected through a research call.Venµs main features are :

  • 5m resolution
  • 28 km field of view
  • an image every second day on 100 sites
  • 12 spectral bands in visible and near-infrared.

 Venµs L1C and L2A products are distributed by Theia, the French Land Data Center, and can be freely downloaded from:

On that same site, a RSS feeds, provides you with the operational information. The Venµs menu in this blog provides some information about Venµs sites, L1C product format, L2A product format spectral bands, and the atmospheric correction software, MAJA of course. But the official site to get information on Venµs is:

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