=>  Voilà, it’s over, the THEIA team completed the processing of SPOT5 (Take5) level 1C and level  2A data. The time series are now available for download on our server :


I have counted nearly 3000 level 2A products, and even more level 1C, as we only issue the Level 2A product when the cloud and snow cover is below 90%. Globally, the L1C and L2A have a good quality, even if we spotted a few issues and are thinking of a reprocessing. It will correct defects that only affect a few sites, or some other minor defects :

  • to enhance results above 2 very bright desert sites (Libya 4, NeftaTozeurTunisia), and a few snowy sites
  • to enhance geometric accuracy above one site in England (Devon)
  • to enhance the cloud shadow masks defects related to shadows mostly hidden by the clouds.
  • to provide the data above Stitna in Czeck republic. This site is too close to another site and this prevented the processing. We have a bug to correct in the system to deliver the data.

But for most of the sites, it will be minor changes, and it is not a reason to wait. It is now your turn to work with the data ;-). 

 Here is my preferred site, the one I kept to celebrate the end of the processing. It is in Russia, on the Lena delta. Even if we had to wait the month of June to start to have colors instead of white, and even if July was fully cloudy, August and September brought us beautiful images. Please click on the images, and observe the quickness of the vegetation colour change. The observation date is included in the name of each image.

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