WASP (Weighted Average Synthesis Processor) is the tool we use to compute the nice (mostly) cloud free syntheses of Sentinel-2 surface reflectances, as shown in the images below. A full resolution viewer is also available in this post, or you may also download the products you can download from Theia. As promised (but it took a while to get the allowance), we have just released it as an open source software and we are also providing a compiled version for linux platforms.The WASP method was developed at CESBIO by O.Hagolle, in 2007, during the preparation of the Venµs mission. It then evolved and improved with the help of several persons at CESBIO (V.Debaecker, M.Huc, D.Morin, M.Kadiri). Then an operational version was developed by CS Romania within the Sen2Agri consortium funded by ESA, which is distributed as open source. WASP was finally adapted to work in Theia context, and improved by P.Kettig. Peter also set up distribution of the software.So finally, here is how you can download the software :

  • the source code is available within CNES github repository. You will also find there a forum (issues) and a readme file to compile and use the software.
  • but P.Kettig also compiled an executable version (which is tested on Redhat and Ubuntu), which is available from CNES software distribution server. Until now, only a couple of users have used it, so in case of problems, please open an issue on the github platform.


4 thoughts on “WASP source and executable are now openly available

  1. Thanks !I tried it:== WASP synthesis of 5 inputs finished in 1349.157334307005s ==Now we are waiting for a L3 reader plugin for SNAP :DMamy RAKOTO

    1. Thanks for the feedback and good news !\nDid you ask ESA (Step Forum) for including that within SNAP ?\nBest regards,\nOlivier

  2. Hi Olivier !(esa) not yet (wasp) I tried with 3 VENµS scenes and it didn’t work :/opt/wasp/bin/WASP \-i \VE_VM01_VSC_L2VALD_MAD_AMBO_20190330.HDR \VE_VM01_VSC_L2VALD_MAD_AMBO_20190401.HDR \VE_VM01_VSC_L2VALD_MAD_AMBO_20190403.HDR \-o .2019-04-09 10:06:06,611 [WARNI] No logging-path provided. No log-file will be created!2019-04-09 10:06:06,611 [INFO ] PATH /opt/wasp/bin2019-04-09 10:06:06,611 [INFO ] LD_LIBRARY_PATH /opt/wasp/bin/../lib2019-04-09 10:06:06,612 [INFO ] OTB_APPLICATION_PATH /opt/wasp/bin/../lib/otb/applicationsTraceback (most recent call last): File « /opt/wasp/bin/WASP.py », line 805, in TemporalSynthesisApplication = TemporalSynthesis(args) File « /opt/wasp/bin/WASP.py », line 92, in __init__ self.platform = self.getPlatformIdentifier(defArgs.input) File « /opt/wasp/bin/WASP.py », line 396, in getPlatformIdentifier allEqual, platform = self.checkMetadataFieldsEqual(xPathToPlatform, xmllist) File « /opt/wasp/bin/WASP.py », line 374, in checkMetadataFieldsEqual fieldList.append(tree.xpath(xpath)[0].text)IndexError: list index out of rangeBest regardsMamy

    1. Hi Mamy, thanks for the bug report.\nCould you please fill an issue on Wasp’s github ? Peter will get in touch.\nhttps://github.com/CNES/WASP\nOlivier

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