=> Do you know the Geo-Tetris (TM) game ? It is a very addictive game which took most of my last week, during which I played with the community of Sentinel-2 French scientific users. The game consists in finding a way to optimize the coverage of several geographic zones using little squares of 110×100 km2. You only own 400 squares, plus 130 which are already in place, and you have to share the squares with several demands which were ranked in decreasing priority order by a jury. The high priority users have the right to protest if you take them a square, and the lower priority say « thanks » when you give them one. The aim is to have every player happy. Thankfully, all players showed a great fair play, the game was played in a good spirit, and except for the players who lost in the first round, everyone won ! Here is the map of our little squares, containing about 530 squares.[map style= »width: auto; height:500px; margin:20px 0px 20px 0px; border: 1px solid black; » maptype= »OSM » kml= »http://tully.ups-tlse.fr/olivier/tuiles_sentinel_2/raw/master/Theia_Tuiles_S2_V4.kml »  ]More seriously, these little squares are the Sentinel-2 tiles which were selected through the Theia Sentinel-2 call for proposals,  for which the Sentinel-2A data will be processed to level 2A  using MACCS processorBefore the summer, on behalf of THEIA, CNES MUSCATE center should start processing the Sentinel-2 level 2A on a total surface of about 5M square kilometers. The level 2A provides ortho-rectified images which are corrected from atmospherc effects and provided with a  cloud and cloud shadow mask. France and its overseas territories will of course be included, and the call for proposals was set to define the remaining part of the surface. The total surface included in the received proposals summed up to 13 M of square kilometers. A selection committee was set-up to rank the proposals in priority order, and a few of them were rejected.  Then a discussion round was held to limit each zone to a minimal surface in order to include a large number of users. Of course, all the data delivered by Theia hopefully this summer will be open to anyone. A big Thank You to the selection panel and to the users who submitted proposals and accepted to shrink their regions in order to let everyone play. 

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