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The high quality of the high-resolution SURVOSTRAL XBT data is achieved thanks to the dedicated work of our onboard volunteers, and the participation and support of the Astrolabe crew. The SURVOSTRAL XBT profiles are collected by scientific volunteers who, since 1992, have embarked 3 times per year on the Astrolabe. We would like to thank […]

Research Partners

IPEV: Comprising representatives of a range of French research agencies, IPEV is based in Brest, France and is an administrative organisation for France’s Antarctic research programs. IPEV funds the instrument installation onboard, and the costs of the XBT volunteers. LEGOS: in Toulouse, France, hosts the Service National d’Observation de salinity de surface (SNO-SSS), and is […]


In France: Scientific contact : Rosemary Morrow – Project scientific leadTechnical contact : Elodie KestenareAddress : LEGOS / OMP18, av Edouard Belin, 31401 Toulouse Cedex 4 – FranceEmail : Rosemary.Morrow at or Elodie.Kestenare at In Australia: Scientific contact : Rebecca Cowley – Scientist-in-charge of operationsTechnical contact : Craig HansteinAddress : CSIRO Division of […]