SMOS Land Products

Level 1C – Swath based Brightness temperatures (ESA)

Sample data on Brockmann Consult website
BWLD1C BroWse Land Dual level 1C product Download
BWLF1C BroWse Land Full level 1C product Download
SCLD1C ScienCe Land Dual level 1C product Download
SCLF1C ScienCe Land Full level 1C product Download

Level 2 – Swath based Soil Moisture (ESA)

ESA SMOS data access website

Level 3 – Global Soil Moisture and Brightness temperature products (CATDS)

Data since January 2010 are available on the CATDS website.

– Time synthesis daily, 3 days, decadal, monthly

– NetCDF format

– EASE 25km grid

– Enhanced retrievals

– Most user friendly products

– Reprocessed data from 2010 and 2011 can be found on the RE01 folder.

– Operationnel data since August 2011 until now can be found on the OPER folder.

For duplicate products select Reprocessed RE01

-Netcdf format
-EASE 25 km grid
-Enhanced retrieval
-most user friendly products

Level 4 – High-end products

  • L4DIS SMOS Disaggregated soil moisture (will be available soon)

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  1. I tried to register for SMOS L2 data but still I couldn’t any information about my registration details although it mentioned about 2-3 days as of replying duration on the above web site. I would be grateful if someone could suggest me a another way to access SMOS L2 data .Thank you.

  2. Hello\n\nSorry for the late answer!\nYou can also try the CATDS site. It is much more accessible (only send one mail to get an account).\nYou will not get L2 data there but something derived from lvel 3 which is very equivalent but in a more user’s friendly format (EASE grid and NetCDF) and with the the possibility to get extracts\ngo to our post in this blog or to CATDS (\nCheers\nSmos Team

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