Monitoring the SMOS retrieval processors for land products. Here you can check for latest product version (reprocessing + operational) and performances of the processors. The informations are updated dailyL1 and L2 performance monitoring

L3 CATDS -Multi orbit – performance monitoring

Example plots:

Processor version product

click here for complete Processing configurations figures

Processor performances

Brightness temperature processor performances

The plots show the counts for software errors instrument errors and calibration errors

Soil moisture operational processor performances

zoom using mouse wheel or double clickClick here for more interactive plots[iframe” 102% 400px]Performance plotsThe following plots show the number and percentage of successful retrievals over soil cover for different levels (richness) of retrievals. The richness of retrieval depend on type of model and level of optical thickness.Click here to check for complete processing performances plots Download list of versions (ASCII file)

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