Hello to all

After a long silence and not so much apparent activity I am coming back to you all with some pieces of news.

First of all, why were we so silent? Covid is certainly part of the explanation but only a small part. Actually, we have been quite busy. In the SMOS field we have been devoting lots of time and efforts to update all the processors from Level1 to level 2 and 3 with also additions to level 4 as well as exploring a couple of new venues

We have also been extremely busy on SMOS follow on activities with several projects. So, should you bear with me, I will try to update you on some of these topics in the next few days while, hopefully, colleagues will also update you on new science results.

Today let’s start with the SMOS processors.

The reprocessing campaign with the V7 versions of the processor is finished, the different teams have checked as much as possible the new version outcome. Last week this process ended up with the V7 algorithms going into operational mode.

So from now on you have access through the usual means to the whole SMOS data set (L1 and Levels 2) from 2010 to today’s product. … But be aware that with more than 11 years of continuous data, the data package is becoming a bit hefty!

As usual we wish to thank the DPGS teams for their efficiency and quality of the outcome.

Level 3 will follow suite with an update of the level 3 (bug correction plus implementation of V700 when it was still running on V600 – as explained in previous posts on this blog and at conferences and in papers) as it has been corrected and will thus show a dramatic improvement.

A new TB product is also prepared with a product simplification as well as a new product (polar projection) and of course implementation of the new L1 (V724)