As you might be aware ESA is reprocessing level1 data for the whole year 2010 with a constant calibration scheme…This was done at DPGS (ESA ESAC) and was finished a few days ago.

Results seem OK and François has produced the overall temporal signature over DOME C.


This corresponds to measurements made at 42 ° (Green corresponds to vertical brightness temperature and blue to the horizontal). As only the full pol data was plotted ,there are gaps during the commissioning phase (when the instrument was operated in dual pol).

Though still somewhat noisy, the values are almost those measured on the ground by the L band radiometer:

You have below the measurements performed by Giovanni during the first months of 2010…


Note the closeness of the values !

Now at CESBIO we are re-processing level 2 over land, using CNES computers. We have already processed more than 2/3 of the whole year and are starting to check the outputs.

Stay tuned!Yann

2 thoughts on “2010 SMOS data reprocessing up to Level 1c

  1. Very nice, but what is green and what is blue?(I guess, Tbv and Tbh, but would be nice to have it mentioned…)Achim

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