2015 Aquarius / SAC-D / Ocean Salinity Science Team (OSST) Meeting

10th Aquarius / SAC-D Joint Science Team Meeting

17-19 November 2015Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFriends and Colleagues, Estimados amigos y colegas,Please mark your calendars: In the wake of the loss of Aquarius/SAC-D in early June, the Principal Investigators and Program Scientists have decided to proceed with convening an Aquarius/SAC-D science meeting Buenos Aires, 17-19 November 2015 (Tues, Weds, Thurs).   Our objectives for the science team meeting are to review the many ongoing and concluding Aquarius and SAC-D science projects and to survey the development of ocean research in the South Atlantic in terms of observing systems, models, products, and services.   The agenda will allot approximately one day each to SAC-D, Aquarius and South Atlantic studies.A call for abstracts will be circulated next week.The general announcement is available at http://www.conae.gov.ar/index.php/espanol/component/rsevents/event/35-10ma-reunion-de-ciencia-sac-d-aquarius?Itemid=101Click “General Information” to download a fact sheet on venue, travel and lodging.Best regards to all, Un cálido saludo para todos,Gary Lagerloef and Sandra TorrusioAquarius and SAC-D Principal Investigators

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