We added the SMOS CATDS product performance monitoring using zoomable plots (here) and static but more complete plots (here)The performance monitor shows the percentage and number of retrievals of the Soil Moisture multi-orbit retrieval algorithm used at CATDS (Centre Aval de Traitement des Données SMOS) the CNES L3 and L4 processing center for SMOS.The information is updated daily.The results can be compared to the level 2 Soil moisture processor, but this should be done with care: the gridding system is not the same (ISEA 15km for L2 DPGS and EASE 25km for L3 CATDS), the L3 CATDS is a daily product, so multiple revisites at high latitudes are filtered (a daily brightnees temperature product is used), finally the CATDS uses a multi-orbit retrieval algorithm. Nevertheless the selected options give higher successful retrievals rate for CATDS so the selected options are optimal in respect to the processing efforts.Example plots:Retrievals over total fractions:[iframe https://labo.obs-mip.fr/wp-content-labo/uploads/sites/18/VERSION/plots_scripts/CLF3U_Total_successful_s.html 102% 400px]Retrievals over soil cover:[iframe https://labo.obs-mip.fr/wp-content-labo/uploads/sites/18/VERSION/plots_scripts/CLF3U_Soil_cover___s.html 102% 400px]

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