Dear SMOS data user,The European Commission is responsible for establishing the future evolution for the Copernicus Space Component. To support and feed into this process the Commission is currently gathering the user requirements for the next-generation Copernicus Space Component via an online survey, run by the contractor that the EC appointed to handle this process. The online questionnaire has the aim of establishing a list of users interested in taking part in this exercise.The SMOS science community has frequently voiced their interest in continuing L-band observations beyond the current SMOS operations. This survey provides the opportunity to voice your opinion with the EC, who could provide a potential implementation route. The link to the Copernicus “Call for Interest” survey for the User Requirements Gathering for the Next Generation Copernicus Space Component is on This call for interest survey and the gathering of user needs will be the first building block of a process aimed at defining the high level requirements for the next generation of the Copernicus Space Component. It is thus a unique opportunity to contribute to the creation of a “fil rouge” between this Space Component and the users. Kind regardsSusanne Mecklenburg

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