HelloYes, we have been somewhat silent these last few weeks (months)! Not by lack of activity, far from it.

  • At the zeroth order many many new interesting science results were obtained.  We will try to have some of them posted very soon and please let us know of any new results you have if you feel like sharing them!
  • First of all the mission has been approved for more years , but you know that already!
  • Second we believe that we have found the cause or a good part of the cause for our spatial biases and the level 1 team has now a much improved algorithm. It will be implemented in the V600 and is currently under test. The first analysis points to a reduction of those biases and improved results.
  • Third the “patch up” activities have started. The goal is to process the 2012 level 2 OS  with better updated OTTs so has to have quality closer to that of previous years as well as to have the “Mironov” model used throughout the period 2010-2012 for level 2 SM (so as to have a 3year + consistent data set
  • Fourth we had many successful meetings but one particularly interesting and fruitful was the SMOS-Aquarius workshop held at Ifremer Brest. From this workshop two sub groups were identified and… you’ll hear more about it very soon
  • Fifth – and I will stop there for today, the 2nd part of the SMOS training workshop is about to start. We filled the session with all the ones who could not be accommodated during the first session last November. A busy full week is coming.
  • Stay tuned!

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