Jacqueline Boutin from LOCEAN informs you that aNew level 3 SMOS SSS corrected from systematic biases is now available from CATDS/LOCEAN expertise centerConsidering that the land contamination leads to systematic biases on retrieved SMOS sea surface salinity, LOCEAN and ACRI-st have developped a method for correcting systematic biases, mostly based on the self consistency of SSS retrieved on various dwell lines. First evaluations of these ‘debiased L3 products’ using ships data show large improvements with respect to previous CEC LOCEAN L3 products. You can see more on http://www.catds.fr/News/New-level-3-SMOS-SSS-corrected-from-systematic-biases-are-available-from-CATDS-LOCEAN-expertise-centerThe new products are available on the CATDS:ftp eftp.ifremer.fr ; user : c1f135 ; pwd : rXCTqfc0cd salinityor ftp://c1f135:rXCTqfc0@eftp.ifremer.fr/salinity/(or ftp://c1f135:rXCTqfc0@eftp.ifremer.fr/user27285/salinity/with some web browser)


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