It was noticed by several users that our new RFI filter was overdoing things a bit (actually one of the flags was wrong) leading to a very reduced amount of available brightness temperatures, in our L3TB product (version number 300).The bug is corrected and the whole data set (L3TB and L3RFI, since 2010) has been reprocessed.The new products have version number 310.Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “New release of L3TB

  1. Hi, I just wonder if this bug will impact the derived L3 soil moisture data, because I noticed that a large region in south of Asia and also Europe was filtered when I used the RFI for a filtering criterion. Thanks for your reply.Mousong

  2. Hello Again\n\nYou should get more points but RFI when present is anyway disrupting data… Only real solution shut RFI down (they are illegal)\n\nSincerely\n\nyann

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