We have released a few products related to land surfaces non CATDS (see here)
Products related to soil moisture and climate/ extreme events (see Al Bitar et al) namely:
1) L4_Root_Zone_ Soil_Moisture — a 1 m deep root zone soil moisture on SMOS grid for the period starting in January 2010
2) L4_Agricultural_Drought_Index – a drought index derived from 1 for the same period
Two products linked to making a long time series of soil moisture using SMOS data as a reference.
They were produced with AMSR-2 (and encompasses AMSR-2 life time) and directly match the SMOS L3 data giving almost 15 years of surface soil moisture. We will extend the temporal series in the  near future
3) L4_AMRS-E_SMOS_Soil_Moisture_using_Neural_Networks (Rodriguez Fernandez et al)
4) L4_AMRS-E_SMOS_Soil_Moisture_using_Multi-linear_Regression (Al-Yaari et al)
And finally a roughness map derived from SMOS DATA (Parrens et al)
5) L4_Surface_Roughness_map
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