As you probably know since December 31st arm B segment 1 was having some problems with temperature. The ESAC team, with the help of others investigated fully the problem and it was decided yesterday to use the nominal (redundant) arm B to avoid a wax and string work around. The new configuration will require some calibration exercises to be fully operational and some periods are not so good !

So, to make a long story short…

Science data will be of degraded quality between December 31st 2010 and January 12 2011 and we will post here some information on this very soon. Basically some is pretty useless some is of reasonable quality.

In spite of this degradation we were able to monitor floods in Australia for instance (soon on this blog) so not all data is degraded.

Note that at the end of December we have one week with no  data (electrical stability test). The idea is to reprocess the period 31/12/2010 — 12/01/2011 later so have to complement the temporal series

Stay tuned

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