Dear ColleaguesAs promised some news on the training workshop!First of all we received many applications – still counting –  and we will have a difficult task selecting the happy few!This will be done end of August with announcements beginning of September.In the mean time here is the draft programme.SMOS TRAINING SESSIONToulouse, 5 – 9 November 2012PROGRAMME————————————————– Nov 5 ————————————————-INTRODUCTIONAFTERNOON:-    Welcome and overview over weekly programme-    Distribution of material, allocation of computers, passwords, etc.-    SMOS mission overview————————————————– Nov 6 ————————————————-FROM SATELLITE TO BRIGHTNESS TEMPERATURESMORNING:-    Mission characteristics-    Data access and selection of products-    Brightness temperature reconstruction, calibration, correctionsAFTERNOON:-    Visualization of the SWATH based XY Brightness temperature products- visualizing product content using Beam (and SMOSVIEW TBC)- what we know about RFI-    HV Brightness temperature products- from swath based products XY2HV- angle binned brightness temperatures products-    Analyzing product content with scripts- from specs (INDRA ESAC) to reader using Python- SMOS and modeled brightness temperature comparisons, SMOS angular signature over water, etc. using Matlab————————————————– Nov 7 ————————————————-FROM BRIGHTNESS TEMPERATURE TO GEOPHYSICAL PRODUCTSPARALLEL SESSION 1: LAND PRODUCTSMORNING:-    The soil moisture retrieval algorithm-    Soil moisture products visualization/content-    Reading and analyzing data – RWAPI MatlabAFTERNOON:-    Running the soil moisture retrieval processor on custom dataPARALLEL SESSION 2: OCEAN SALINITY-    The SSS retrieval algorithms- In the ESA Operational chain- In the CATDS Research Center chain (TBC)-    The along swath (level 2) SSS product- Definition of flags- Impact of flags- Calibration-validation using in situ SSS- Reading, visualization under Matlab and Python————————————————– Nov 8 ————————————————-TEMPORAL SYNTHESIS PRODUCTSPARALLEL SESSION 1 : LAND PRODUCTSMORNING:-    Multi-orbit soil moisture retrievals with SMOS – algorithm description-    3 days, 10 days , monthly temporal synthesis products-    Interactive visualization of the products using PanoplyAFTERNOON:-    Reading and analyzing the CATDS Products- Reading and analyzing NetCDF products- Fast analyses using NCOPARALLEL SESSION 2: OCEAN SALINITY-    CATDS Research Center SSS maps (sortings based on yearly data set TBC)-    Combination of multi-orbit SSS retrieved from SMOS ESA processor, importance of quality indicators————————————————– Nov 9 ————————————————-APPLICATIONS USING SMOS DATAMORNING:-    Overview of applications using SMOS products: data disaggregation, assimilation, root zone soil moisture, impact of rain on salinity stratification, tracking hurricanes, snow/ice-    Feedback from CAL/VAL teams – an open round tableWRAP-UP

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