As mentioned in a previous post, a huge RFI source started emitting in China last August and is overwhelming, destroying measurements and jeopardising science and applications over a huge area.

as as it is totally illegal to emit in such a way in the protected l Band ( 1400 -1427 MHz) formal request and notifications were sent, but to no avail.

In September there was a slight decrease but now emissions are very high again. So some investigations were carried out and it was found that the source is located at 119.127E, 30.285N
and is located in an area with several radar facilities (see figure 1), including some Large Phase Array Radar (LPAR) systems. This area was known to us since April 2010  with a high emission rate (around 6000 K) but in July 2020 it jumped to 1500000 (yes 1.5 million !!) K ….

Figure 1: location of the facilities emitting

The culprit is most probably a recently refurbished LPAR as shown on figure 2.

Figure 2: the illegal contraption

And interestingly, the system’s pointing can also  be identified as shown on figure 3. Interesting isn’t it?…

Figure 3: The source and the pointing direction