From Catherine Bouzinac … FYIDear SMOS cal/val PI,here is some updated information on the SMOS data products and tools (thistime with the correct FTP server at ESAC).Last version of the L1 product specifications:SMOS Level 1 and Auxiliary Data Products SpecificationsSO-TN-IDR-GS-0005-L1-Spec-v5.13.pdfThe most recent versions of all the specs are available from:<= except for the NRTftp:// <= NRTThis is a public location so everyone can download the documents.The most recent versions are (April 2010):L0: SO-TN-IDR-GS-0003 L0 Spec v3.5 2010-02-02.pdfL1: SO-TN-IDR-GS-0005 L1 Spec v5.14 2010-02-10_track_changes.pdfL2: SO-TN-IDR-GS-0006 L2 Spec v4.9 2010-04-06.pdfNRT: SO-ID-DMS-GS-0002 – NRT Product Format v2_6.pdf  <= FTP has 2.4The tools developed under the DPGS contracts (the Array Matlab API is notthere yet) are under: along with the associated documents.Enjoy!Yann

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