The Team in Hamburg (Institut für Meereskunde at KlimaCampus / Universität Hamburg) is working on thin sea ice detection and monitoring (see our previous blog posts on the subject). Dr. Lars Kaleschke and his team has now produced a Live access Server enabling to create interactively time series as shown on the examples below. Also check: and


Figure 1: Mean daily brightness temperature (TB) intensity in the Northern hemisphere over open water, sea ice, and some of the adjacent land masses for December 1, 2012.


Figure 2: Corresponding standard deviation (uncertainty) calculated as the variation of TB data pairs of the respective grid cell.

TB_timeseriesFigure 3: Example brightness temperature time series of the sea ice north of Greenland as generated with the Integrated Climate Data Center (ICDC) Live Access Server (LAS).Link to ICDC:

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