The version and performance monitor for SMOS brightness temperature and soil moisture products is back on track.Those plots are updated daily. The version monitor shows the latest (most up-to-date) dataset available for users based on the local CESBIO downloaded dataset. check for this by clicking on Perf. Monitor1. РExample plots for version and configuration monitoring:1.1 РVersion of latest datasets :1.2 РAn example of acquisition and processing configurations :Notice in the first plot the switching between Dual and Full mode during commissioning phase. Second and third plots are the delay in days of the used anciliary input file for optical thickness and Leaf area index.all version and configuration plots are available here2. РExample plots for performance monitor :2.1 РL1C Brightness temperature processors :2.2 РSoil moisture retrievals over soil cover:-Number and percentage of successful retrievals over soil & low vegetation cover for the L2 Soil moisture processor. The colors indicate different richness of retrievals (R3 richer than R2). Richness depend on parameters like . A richer retrieval means higher number of retrieved parameters (see SMOS L2 Soilk Moisture ATBD)all performance plots are available here.

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